Jobs with future in Cloud Computing

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I was trying to imagine some new activities in the area of ​​Cloud Computing where I can utilize my knowledge and experience acquired over the years adding new knowledge that is embedded in the adoption of new paradigms .

In an attempt to extrapolate a bit to enhance the current view my advisory capacity , some things that made me think ….

I started walking through social networks, where I observed several professional profiles on LinkedIn and I was admiring the behavior of those who in the last decade worked in ten different companies . Really appreciate the ability of these people to handle your documents , certifications and CV´s , making copies of documents and undergo selection processes while working , particularly I think this is very time consuming .  I prefer to focus on studying and learning new subjects and gradually making a professional retrofitting .

I admire this kind of behavior , as well as admire new clothes fashions trends I see in the entries made ​​in the media , with design by famous designers, but at the time of purchase for me , I just prefer a traditional set of shoes , jeans and t-shirt single color .

Anyway , follow the conservative style , which despite being in a dynamic area , have a constructive process of acquiring knowledge , always grounded in knowledge acquired, accepting disruptive innovation and incorporating new concepts punctually .

But I am convinced that it is in the clouds and its ecosystem is where the future of IT professions , and conservative people as I have reached this conclusion , some very conservative sectors of the economy has also detected. Realtors already noticed the issue offering data centers and facilities in their portfolios , brokerage firms have managed to visualize the material part (real state) of the cloud and have already incorporated the assets of their portfolios .

The appearance of business and data center building to sell , ” build to sell” has stirred an avid market for this type of good and as there is a materiality and a whole ecosystem to ballast , it becomes a very high value, highly marketable . There is a location, structure , connections and content, this alone will already feeding the model data center business : building, buying, selling and so on.

Until then … Nothing of information technology .

Each competitor in the market is focused on a tempered expectations and criteria for their vision.
To be able to see the technology of information , we have to rise by at least another four levels of abstraction over the vision of this market ” build to sell” .

In a non-exhaustive overview , data centers are a stack of several layers :

1 – Layer : Land, physical construction , logistics to build .
At this level there are concerns location , permission to build , access, terrain stability , resistance to weather and natural disasters and availability of inputs such as energy , Internet , water and so on .
2 – Layer : Incentives , availability of local resources , interactions and synergy .
Here we include the adequacy of public authority and alignment of incentives in terms of tax exemption , transfer of land and some facilities for plant and project approvals , availability of human resources .
3 – Layer : Engineering , Architecture and Design
Electricity , air conditioning , water, connectivity , people, and according to the destination of Datacenter equipment design should be prepared to be functional , modular , segmented and flexible on how it is exploited require .
4 – Layer : Technological Architecture
The choice of equipment and technologies will be used to create the infrastructure that will support the operation .
5 – Layer : Management of Technological Arrangements
The operation itself , governed by best practices in information technology infrastructure library .
6 – Layer : Administrative management of the business.
Here we sell, close up contracts , you pay bills , invoice up , recruit people and take care of other maintenance – layers .

The division in these layers helps to understand the business and rambling about what are the professions and services should arise. Given this gives to infer that these activities will work primarily in two ways :

Internally in a layer , or
Externally between the layers .

This facilitates understanding, for at least some things we take for granted , the way will continue . The activities of the first form : the foreman will supervise the construction , the engineer and the architect will discuss how in search for a functional construction, operation managers use the principles of ITIL , the network analyst will work on the network and the business will make profit if well administered and managed with a focus on operational efficiency of the whole.

However , if we add the existing traditional with nontraditional activities which are to be sued , we will have some interesting mixtures giving rise to the emergence or expansion of some activities such as :

Broker Storage : This activity will require a technological tool as an aggregator of spaces in various clouds platform as an LVM ( Logical Volume Manager ) intended to be used in the cloud computing environment and some functions of RAID to provide redundancy and mirroring as accessories . The professional should also be expert in sales and search for available spaces and offers in the clouds looking for quality, price , speed and availability and offering packages tailored for different types of use .

Virtual Changes: This company will care not to drop anything during the change , and will not be physically fall , the SLA contract unless the systems to be migrated should continue operating and functional , without loss of production , like live migration so to seize the best prices and availabilities offered by brokers for processing, storage , latencies and availability offered worldwide.

Virtual Task Force : Just as machinery and infrastructure will grow on demand , resources needed to support these operations demand and these teams should be ” mounted ” under virtually any expansion and the end will be demobilized . Specialized human resources in some technologies , platforms and infrastructure resources will be essential , but expensive and allocated only for the time required .

External auditing of SLA : Sometimes traffic monitoring itself ” in cloud ” may interfere with the performance and an external entity will serve to assess the contracted capacities and through periodic reports and reports generated from the dispersed worldwide hits , with information consolidated .

Virtual Storage for Storage: In disputes and other situations where the data are owned by one, but in possession of another have to be stored in places under the jurisdiction of justice , such sites may not necessarily offer all cloud services only partial as: storage , lock / release access , availability, offline or online .

These activities because they are specialized and essentially based technology will require a very high level of professional technology specialists .

We are constantly changing and while the final situation is not realized we can only conjecture about this inexorable future of cloud computing and what roles and occupations will appear in the Information Technology .


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