What are clouds made​​?

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I have some personal and professional experiences , that makes me look at the clouds and see beyond the forms , something a little different .

I say it was in 2001 , with the installation of my ADSL connection 256Mbit took my effective participation in the cloud , say , the Internet, that’s when I started to have a place on the Internet I could call my own , a fixed IP , 200 171 183 ….

While everyone was happy to have a stable and ” fast ” connection to access the Internet somewhere I was happy to have a place on the Internet that could be accessed from anywhere .

When I took possession of this ” site” on the Internet , I had already registered domains , websites provider, email with own domain , virtual drive on the internet and almost everything that was necessary for my business consulting and training , but still lacked all this being in my ” place ” to set an example when did presentations of my work for clients and prospects , then working with consultants on LINUX OS and implementation of services for open standard technologies .

Well , despite the place being Virtual Internet (Fixed IP ) , it was necessary to materialize some physical things in the real world as :

    A machine with server features that could be connected 24 × 7 and allowing some flexibility . I started with good server board with a 933MHz Intel 1xP3 and 512 Mb RAM and 40 Gb HD and with time , full fitted with 2xP3 933MHz and 2Gb RAM and 500 GB 4xHD , ! and
    A safe to accommodate the computer where access was restricted , but at the same time easy for those who had the privilege , and that was airy and guaranteeing the stability of the physical power connections , network and telephony to stay connected 24 × place 7 , 365 days a year. Anyway , I chose a corner under the desk in my home office .

As the needs of software initially started with :

    S.O. GNU / Linux ,
    A script protection , firewall ( iptables ) and
    secure remote connection ( SSH ) for administration with SSH public / private key server .

Thus , he had a point on the Internet , with full access and secure, and gradually , as the demands I could go configuring the most appropriate way and creating my applications and examples .

And the demands began immediately , with the need to access the information I stored in the Home Office :

    Handbooks and manuals ,
    scripts ,
    images ,
    floppy images and
    Installation files .

A great opportunity for a configure a storage space therefore had need to access that information in different ways , sometimes the client was sometimes Linux console browser on Windows , sometimes I was even accesses and other I sent link and someone was downloading or sending files via upload , finally the files were the same , but had access control and various presentations to meet varied and user access . For this I used :

    connection for secure transfer ( SFTP )
    traditional FTP service ,
    one file manager in PHP to access via browser , requiring a web server ( apache ) .

Further , taking advantage of my independence and mobility, service demands became more elaborate and to meet them installed a server database to store the information in machinery of my clients , their settings and system for monitoring demands . At the time , I researched and installed another PHP script called IRM ( Information Resources Manager ) , leveraging Apache already installed in the same way , the service database was used to support various other applications such as:

    Thread ,
    Forum for tips ,
    Photo gallery ,
    A wiki
    Blogs and etc. .

For these sites and web applications could work properly had to configure some services . It was necessary to install various infrastructure services , starting with a DNS server , the DNS slave server in a trusted friend . And finally with this infrastructure available, unable to migrate my domain to my Hosting Home to support all this counted with the following services platform :

    name , DNS,
    Web , HTTP and HTTPS
    E- mail , SMTP and SMTPS ,
    Transfer files , FTP ,
    Secure Virtual Network , VPN ,
    Recovery Emails POP3 and POP3S and
    And access to IMAP and IMAPS .

There was such an amount of integrated services and applications on the server when I did presentations , customers wanted to know how much was staying there, your websites , emails , applications ….. there in my Home DataCenter .

Given the demand for infrastructure services by some clients , just taking some well occasionally.

Put another HD and increased my storage , I isolated partitions with LVM , created some backup routines , access management , recompile the kernel and implemented the UML ( User Mode Linux ) something like virtualization in 2003 with some virtual machines serving small demands .

Ten years have passed and there have been significant changes in supply , quality and quantities involved , bands Megabit to Gigabit , Megabyte for TeraByte storage , processing, multi -processor multicore , multiple types of access to multiple access devices , mobility and more .

But , just as clouds are formed of water , H20 , no matter their shape , height and color , the basic unit that gives life to all of this technology is the bit , assuming only two states , 0 or 1 .

This, leads me to think , and even philosophize about what are really the new structures have been and are being created , which , fundamentally , in small departments and functions fit together like Legos ® to form a major element .

I have no doubt that Cloud Computing is more than this , and it’s a new paradigm , but it is also good to know that in the same way that clouds are made ​​of the h20 Cloud Computing is also made ​​from bits and bytes grouped into small pieces will be used to mount all this innovation in Information Technology which is the Cloud Computing .

Well , to finish the story , I don´t have a company of Cloud since 2009 and all my domains , applications and data are GoogleApps or EC2 or AWS , and in 2011 , I disabled my Internet server under the table and turned MídiaServer Home , after more than two dozen home networking devices , Internet of Things , is starting to take space there .


original text published at http://www.tiespecialistas.com.br/2013/12/que-sao-feitas-nuvens/




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